Preschool and Daycare

Loving, Teaching and Encouraging your Child...

Kingdom Kids Preschool and Play Center is not your typical childcare facility. Our Christian-based preschool curriculum will provide your preschooler with a fundamental understanding of biblical teaching and Christian living. We believe in encouraging children to love and to serve live our lives after the example of God’s son, Jesus Christ.

We believe children grow and learn many skills through interactive, physical play. Our play center is designed specifically for this purpose. Our staff are selected and trained to provide your child with a loving and encouraging atmosphere. Your child will flourish in this fun and play-centered environment.Preschool and Play Center

Kingdom Kids Preschool and Play Center believes every child is a gift from God. Each child was born to fulfill a purpose, and at Kingdom Kids, we are there to nurture and love your child to help them get a great start at fulfilling those purposes.

Kingdom Kids realizes not every child fits into one particular philosophy of early childhood education. We use a variety of models to help our children be the best they can be. By using religious and play-based programming alongside an integrated curriculum of thematic units, you can be assured your children will be ready for the high demands of the Kindergarten curriculum while developing a relationship with the Lord.


The registration fees and tuition for the infant, toddler and preschool rooms are as follows:

New registration fee: non-refundable $85 (renewed each year - yearly supply fee charged each new school year).

Maximum family registration fee :non-refundable $170

Infants require a non-refundable $150 deposit to guarantee their spot on the waitlist. Deposits will come off of the 7th month tuition.

1-year-olds: age 1-must be off the bottle during the day and be able to eat regular foods.  Child does not need to be walking.

Toddlers: ages 2 and 3-child does not need to be potty trained.  We will work on potty training when you and your child are ready.

Preschool: ages 4 and 5-must be toilet trained unless child has special needs.

 Monthly Program          Full time M-F      Half Day M-F       Daily Rate Full Time      

Infants                                $857                      $708                       $60                                 

1-3                                     $811                       $662                       $55                                 

Preschool                            $792                       $643                       $55                               

***Prices are per month.